ŠKODA Genuine Parts

Every ŠKODA constitutes of thousands of parts, which work in perfect harmony to deliver high performance.

Counterfeit parts may come at a cheap price but they have the potential to damage our cars in the long run. These parts are unreliable as they fail to deliver the same high-level quality that make our cars impeccable.

ŠKODA genuine parts undergo rigorous quality check and inspections. They are designed and developed to perfectly match each and every vehicle's requirement.

In terms of pricing, ŠKODA Genuine parts offer outstanding value for the price you pay which is demonstrated by their performance and longevity. ŠKODA Genuine parts are available at your nearest ŠKODA authorized dealer workshops.

What are the main benefits of ŠKODA genuine parts?

* They are of premium quality.
* They have maximum reliability.
* Their functionality is guaranteed.
* They guarantee safety.
* They have a long service life, leading to great durability.
* They constantly undergo innovative changes.
* They are identical to the parts from series production.
* They undergo rigorous tests.

ŠKODA Genuine Brake Pads?

Did you know that the passengers’ lives depend on the quality, operating reliability and effectiveness of brakes?

In particular, in extreme conditions you will appreciate the fact that we place really high demands on the brake pads for:

Brake Pads – Maximum effectiveness when braking
– A high degree of travelling comfort (e.g. minimum noise, absence of the well-known “screeching,” elimination of vibrations and preventing dust arising during the motion of the brake pads from damaging or dirtying a light alloy wheel)
– Service life as long as possible
– Mechanical and heat resistance and constancy.

Each of our brake pads is the result of a process of careful selection of brake-lining materials, the selection of the best technology for its production and the performance of the most demanding tests. We also keep in mind what damages your car and that in case of any glitches it is human lives that are at stake.

ŠKODA Genuine Filters?

Did you know that original filters significantly contribute to the economical running of your car? The good condition and functionality of the various filters also favourably influences the error-free running of the engine or comfort inside the car.

The fuel filter catches undesirable dirt particles, such as dust, rust, water and deposits from the tank, and thereby protects the extremely sensitive injection set from damage.

The oil filter traps various pieces of dirt, metal and non-metal particles, soot and carbon deposits in the engine oil. If a filter other than a ŠKODA genuine oil filter is used, it could happen that the filter prematurely clogs up and reduces the flow-through of oil, or there could be a leak of unfiltered oil into the engine. An undesirable consequence could be the overheating of the engine or a seizure.

The air filter ensures the input of clean air into the engine and also has a positive influence on the noisiness of the suction tract. A poor quality or excessively dirty air filter disturbs the correct ratio of air and fuel in the combustion system, which negatively affects fuel consumption. Brake Pads

Breathe fresh air!
Various studies have proved that passengers in a car are exposed to six times more polluted air than pedestrians along a road. A filter in the passenger space will enable you to breathe better air!

Reduce the danger of allergies and asthma!
A filter in the passenger room effectively reduces the quantity of dust and pollen, which significantly increases comfort during driving.

Stay healthy!
If a filter in the passenger space is no longer performing its task, things that can be breathed in include pollen, harmful particles and microbiological germs. The selection of a good filter is therefore of fundamental importance, not only for the protection of people who suffer from allergies and asthmatics, but it is also appropriate prevention for others. fresh air

Improve your view!
If the interior filter is in good condition, this helps reduce moisture and its immediate disappearance from the inner sides of glass. This improves safety when driving.

Bad smells do not bother you!
A filter with active coal absorbs a large part of unpleasant smells and polluting gases, such as ozone and nitrogen oxides. It can filter out particles with dimensions of several microns, such as pollen and soot.

Have you got air conditioning in your car?
It also requires regular maintenance. Moisture gets stuck in air conditioning and bacteria can multiply in it. We therefore recommend that you clean your air conditioning at least once a year and after each time you clean it, also replace the pollen filter. In this way you will ensure your car interior is clean the whole year. Passengers in a car are exposed to six times more polluted air than pedestrians along a road.

ŠKODA Genuine Filters?

Did you know that your car’s exhaust has to resist an enormous strain?

It is exposed to very high temperatures, external and internal moisture, aggressive spreading materials, dust, small stones flying up from the wheels, shocks and vibrations.

Genuine Exhausts For the production of ŠKODA exhaust systems we use high quality stainless material or a combination of it and double-sided aluminised sheet, which guarantees a maximum service life.

What benefits are in favour of a ŠKODA genuine exhaust?

They have a long service life thanks to the materials used and internal design.
Their dimension precision enables easier, and therefore faster and cheaper exchange.
Data is set for their parameters in the engine’s control unit.
They do not unnecessarily limit the performance of the engine and guarantee economical operation at optimum consumption.

ŠKODA Genuine Belts and Pulleys?

Did you know that the service life of an engine depends on the service life of belts and tension rollers?

If there is unexpected snapping, extension or other damage to a timing belt or tension roller, there could be uncontrolled movement by pistons and valves and they could clash. The consequence could be irreparable damage to engine parts.

Belts and Pulleys Tension rollers have to meet a number of demanding parameters:
Minimum extension of the belt during long-term stress;
Maintenance-free operation;
Error-free operation through the service life.
The distribution mechanism includes tension rollers, whose task is to correctly tighten the timing belt. The correct setting and quality of timing belts and tension rollers are therefore exceedingly important for the long service life of an engine and the safe operation of a vehicle.

ŠKODA Genuine Body Parts?

Did you know that only precisely-dimensioned body parts from quality materials perform the same function as original parts?

Body parts protect the inner parts of the car from the direct action of external influences and also perform a safety and aesthetic role. The various parts have to fit well with the other parts of the body and also comply with precise service life requirements. To meet these criteria, it is necessary for the various parts to have precise dimensions and be produced from quality materials. With ŠKODA genuine body parts you have a guarantee that they meet these criteria.

Body Parts The benefits of ŠKODA genuine body parts in comparison with spare parts from other suppliers:

The precision of the parts increases the speed of the repair, which reduces its price. An anti-corrosion layer that is twice or three times thicker extends the resistance and durability of the parts. Precise matching with other parts of the body guarantees the original appearance of the car, so the car does not lose its value.
Additional alterations are not needed before painting and fitting, which reduces the price of the repair.
The applied properties of ŠKODA genuine body parts balance out the price difference in comparison with parts from other suppliers.

ŠKODA Genuine Wipers?

Did you know that your safety in the unfavourable weather conditions depends, in particular, on the quality of a view from your car?

Every driver should, in his own interest, pay proper attention to the windscreen wipers and replace them at least once a year. The ideal time is the period before the rainy season or after the end of the winter season, when frost on the windscreen can cause, serious damage to the wipers’ rubber which may not be easily visible.

Which properties of the wipers are the most important and guarantee a quality view from a car?

The length of the wipers clearly defines the wiped field of view.
Correct design guarantees equal grip of a wiper throughout the whole length, which is important in particular for modern cars with a rounded windscreen.
The state of the wipers’ rubber determines the quality of the wiping.
Aero-wipers Aero-wipers

Aero-wipers are an advanced technical solution that you can find on all newly marketed ŠKODA models, starting with the second generation Octavia and Fabia. Their significant functional benefits include:

Perfect wiping performance throughout the length of the wiper enabled by an equal distribution of strength; Precision wiping even at high speeds thanks to the aerodynamic optimisation of the wipers; Minimum aerodynamic noise thanks to smaller bypass areas; Improved resistance to freeing ice thanks to removal of levers and joints; Easy replacement and fitting of wipers thanks to advanced design of joints between wipers and arms; Longer service life enabled by even size of pressing force and use of hard wiper rubber.

ŠKODA Genuine Spark and Glow Plugs?

Did you know that a bad or poor spark plug can reduce your engine’s performance or even destroy the catalyser?

It often happens that a defective spark plug does not ignite the fuel mix in the cylinder, the engine then runs irregularly and this reduces its power output. Unignited fuel can even end in the catalyser and can irrevocably damage it. It is therefore necessary to comply with the replacement interval for spark plugs and igniters. In addition, it is a good idea to entrust a replacement to experts at authorised ŠKODA service partners that guarantee you correct installation, tightening torque and replacement intervals.

Genuine Exhausts The quality and design of spark plugs determines the performance of the engine and its reliability. A correctly set spark plug positively influences the combustion process of a petrol engine and thereby the volume of waste products in emissions. A spark plug also has an effect on the starting of the engine, its performance and service life and also its consumption of fuel and the composition of exhaust gases.

Engines of the latest generation are fitted with long life type spark plugs in ŠKODA cars. The special materials and top quality technology used during their production guarantee the best functioning of a spark plug and thereby shift the replacement interval for the Octavia RS model to 90,000 km. The quality and design of spark plugs determines the performance of the engine and its reliability.

ŠKODA Genuine Shock Absorbers?

Did you know that bad shock absorbers extend your car’s braking distance?

The performance of the engine, strength of the brakes and instructions from the steering wheel are transferred to the road by the wheels, but it is the shock absorbers that guarantee that the wheels will always be in contact with the road. Shock absorbers therefore represent one of the basic pillars of safe, economical and comfortable driving for every motor vehicle.

Shock Absorbers Safe because they significantly influence the car’s handling. Lower performance by shock absorbers markedly worsens, in particular, the “sitting” of the car in bends and extends its braking distance.
Economical: If there is poor shock absorption, other car parts are also subject to mechanical wear and tear and then require expensive repairs.
Comfortable because, in particular, on bad roads, the quality and precision of shock absorbers are felt the most. Driving comfort is one of the most important requirements placed on a modern vehicle.

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